An assistant is a person (or by extension a device) that helps another person accomplish their goals
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Thursday, 3 June 2010

An Assistant's Dream

Update from the previous post...

Funnily enough, after I wrote that text I had a dream that I was back working for her. I dreamed that her studio was in a derelict warehouse and I lived there sharing a dirty old black sheetless mattress with another assistant. The other assistant and I were collecting glasses and doing the washing up from a wild party the night before. The artist was sat at the table drinking tea. The other assistant suggested I clean up the mouse skeleton under the sofa. I was annoyed that I was asked to do this as I would have been happy to do it on my own volition.

Not sure what this means, other than that it brings up phrases like “skeletons in the closet,” and, it’s about vermin. Which reminds me, she used to affectionately call us call us mice…

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